New feature: Show Conversation

Do you wish you could easily see the stream of messages between you and one of your cheezfriends? What a coincidence, so do I! Also, I wish for a pony. And world peace. And infinite wishes.

Luckily, the cheeztechs are able to grant one of those wishes today with the new “Show Conversation” feature. WINNING.

Simply go to your Messages and look for the little “Show Conversation” link.

Screenshot of Show Conversation link

Click on it and voila! You can see all messages between you and the sender.

Screenshot for View Conversation page

And there you have it. Enjoy! As always, let us know if you have questions or comments.


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Tell us about yourself…moar, MOAR!

In response to popular demand, we have increased the size of the “About Me” section on your profile. Now you’ve got more space to tell us all about you and your deepest, darkest secrets. <insert evil laugh here>

Also, we’ve added a handy little character counter to let you know when you are running out of space. Click the “Edit Profile” link on your dashboard to try it out.

screenshot of character counter feature

Thanks again to everyone for your suggestions!


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Long messages are looooooong

That’s right, you can now send longer messages to your friends from your Cheezburger profile. We’ve raised the limit to 2500 characters, so like long cat your messages can be loooooong.

Also, we are adding a handy little counter that will appear when you are getting close to the limit. It will tell you exactly how many characters you have left, like your very own personal awards show orchestra, telling you to “wrap it up”.

Character counter

UPDATE: The cheeztechs are working on adding the character counter to the “About Me” text box now. Stay tuned, it’s coming! And thank you for all your suggestions. :-)


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Collectibles History

In our very recent history (2 days ago) we launched a brand new feature for all of you collectible collectors out there in cheez-land… It’s the Collectible History!

Now when you earn a collectible or give a collectible or get a collectible gifted to you, it’ll show up right in your collectibles history. Never not know where a collectible came from again! You’ll always know who to thank for that shiny new collectible! How will you ever manage to thank them? Why perhaps you should gift them another collectible…

You can find the new collectibles history on the bottom right side of your collectibles page at


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Organize your Favorite LOLs with Collections

One of the great things about having a Cheezburger profile is that it’s a place to keep track of all your favorite LOLs. See something that’s so funny it makes coffee shoot out your nose? With a profile, you can add that LOL to your favorites and re-live the hilarity again and again.

We’ve noticed that many of our Cheezfriends have amassed amazing collections of the funniest LOLs from throughout the Network, sometimes with thousands of LOLs. To help you be able to better find the best LOLs again and to more easily share Favorites that your friends might enjoy, we are introducing Collections: a feature that allows you to organize your Favorites however you would like.

How do I make a Collection?

Let me give you an example. I love LOLs with cats and computers, as you might expect, given my overall nerdiness. I want to make a Collection that features my favorite geeky LOLcats.

Step 1: I go to My Favorites tab.

Favorites Tab in Profile

Step 2: I make a new Collection…I’ll call it LOLcat Tech Support.

Creating a new collection

Step 3: I select the LOLs already in My Favorites I want to put in the new Collection.
Step 4: I move the selected LOLs using the pull-down menu on the right.

Selecting and moving LOLs into a new collection

Step 5: I go admire my handiwork by clicking on the Collection name in the navigation bar below the Favorites tab.

Navigating to the new collection

And that’s it! I can easily go look at my favorite tech support kittehs anytime I want and I can send all my geeky friends to go check out the LOLs too. Awkward high fives all around!

So try it out and let us know what you think. Your feedback will be tremendously helpful as we work to improve this feature over time!


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Collectible Insider Tip: Send Your Extras as Gifts

By now, I know that many of you have noticed our new Cheezburger Collectibles floating around on the site, and it’s pretty likely you’ve picked up a few for yourself.

But did you know that you can send your extra Collectibles as gifts to friends?

Here’s how:

First, hover over a Collectible that you have multiples of (you’ll recognize these as they have “2x” “3x” or greater next to the Collectible). You should see a gift icon pop up when you hover that looks like this:

send a gift

Once you click the gift icon, you’ll be taken a friend selector screen that looks like this:

From there, choose a friend and hit send. Easy-peasy.

After you send the gift, your friend will get an email that tells them which Collectible that they received and that they can see it on their Trophy page.

The Rules

We do have a couple of rules around sending gifts. You may only send one gift per friend per day. But you can send as many gifts to different friends as long as you have extras. Example, if you send Stefan, Kyall and Crystal an Invisible Bike on Thursday, you can’t send Stefan your extra Karot until Friday.

Hope that clears things up a bit around sending gifts. As a little bonus, the first 5 commenters who include their username and a link to their favorite LOL this week will get one of my extra Thermometers.


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Introducing Cheezburger Collectible Trophies

A few months ago, we launched Cheezburger Trophies, a new feature that recognized the valuable contributions that our Cheezfriends make to our sites. And they have been mighty popular!

Today, we’re launching a new addition to the Trophies program, Cheezburger Collectible Trophies.

How it works

Invisible Bike Collectible

Invisible Bike Collectible

Each day that you visit, you’ll have an opportunity to receive a new Collectible. You will be notified when you receive one and you can check them out on your Trophies page. Some Collectibles are harder to get than others and you might get more than one of the same Collectible.

I have extra Collectibles. What do I do with them?
You can give your extra Collectibles away as gifts to other people They might have some Collectibles that you don’t have and you might have some they don’t have, so it pays to check out their Trophy page to see what they are missing.

How do I get ALL of them?
Coming back every day and trading with your friends is the free, and sure fire way to get all the Collectibles we have to offer.  (But if you can’t wait to get them all, you can also purchase them with Cheezburger Coins.)

Which sites do I have to visit to get Collectibles?
So far, we’ve only released collectibles to people who are visiting sites in the I Can Has Cheezburger? family of sites (including I Has a Hot Dog, Daily Squee, Happy Chair is Happy & Historic LOLs). We may release more Collectibles to our other sites across the network, but as always, your feedback is important. Let us know how you like our new Collectibles.

Don’t have many friends on
We’ve just introduced the new and privacy-improved friend finder to find your friends already on


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Look! You Made the Home Page!

Hey, Cheezfrenz! There’s a new feature that launched on the network today and we just couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Remember how it used to be really challenging to know whether or not your awesome LOL ended up on the home page? Of course there was always the option of spending every minute on the site, but we all know that you have to make time to take new pictures of your animals being fantastic.  Well, no more! No more missing your moment in the spotlight.

Starting today, you’ll get an email from us every time one of your LOLs makes our home page, so you know to go check it out! This way you’ll be able to log in right away and never have to miss seeing your LOL in all of its home page glory!


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Find out who favorited your LOL

A few weeks ago, a new feature snuck onto our site that most people don’t know about…you can now see who likes your LOLs!

To find out who favorited your LOL, take a look at the “view page” for your LOL on*  For example, here’s the view page for a FAIL:

If anybody has favorited your picture, then beneath the LOL image you’ll see a section that says, “Who likes this?”  For example, you can see in the screenshot below that a total of 5 people have favorited this LOL.

* Sometimes a LOL will have a page on and on a specific site, like or  Currently, this feature is only on the page.  You can always find this page by logging into your account and looking a the My LOLs page.  (Don’t have a Cheezburger account? Go get one…they’re free!)


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