FAIL Blog Names United States Congress the Kings and Queens of FAIL for 2011

In the year of Weiner showing his wiener, a high-profile super committee failure, the debit ceiling crisis, an insider trading brouhaha and pizza being declared a vegetable, could there be a more colossal embarrassing moment for the United States Congress this year? According to FAIL Blog, that answer is yes with the entire U.S. Congress beating out Kim Kardashian, the Westboro Baptist Church, Rebecca Black and even Muammar Gaddafi as the Kings and Queens of Fail for 2011. Justin Bieber, crowned the Prince of FAIL in 2010, can now happily transfer his FAIL prize to the politicians in Washington D.C. Click to see the full list of 2011’s Top Failiest People, The Top 10 Moments in FAIL, and The Top 10 FAIL Videos.


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Cast Your Vote for the Top FAILS of 2011!

We are closing in on the end of the year, and it’s time to pick this year’s most EPIC FAILs! The FAIL Blog team put their heads together and came up with a FAIL-filled list of candidates for you to vote on! The lists are for the FAILiest People, the Greatest Moments of FAIL, and the best FAIL Videos. Cast your vote today and help us pick the best FAILs of 2011!


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Sketchy Santas Are Back This Holiday Season!

Santa just got a whole lot sketchier… again. The FAIL Blog holiday favorite is back for another season, so pull out your favorite ugly Christmas sweater and head on over to Sketchy Santas for 3 creepy bearded men, 2 crying babies, and a family photo in a fail tree!


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We’re Uniting the FAILs at FAIL Nation!

We’re changing up a few things on the FAIL Blog sites, so here’s a handy road map for what’s happening with FAIL Nation, the FAIL Blog homepage, and beyond:

FAIL Nation, a brand new site, will now be your place for “classic” fails like sign fails, falling fails, and more. It’s geared for people who just want to see some fails, dangit, and no cat shirt promos.

Up Next in Sports and That Will Buff Out are being retired as individual sites. In the future, sports and car fails will all be on FAIL Nation.

FAIL Blog will now showcase the best and most highly-rated content from across the entire FAIL Blog family of sites.

Questions about the new format? Please let us know in the comments. Welcome to FAIL Nation, and enjoy your stay.


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FAIL Blog Video Contest

Show us your FAIL and submit your FAIL videos to or send them to Submit your FAIL for a chance to get your video featured on FAIL Blog, and if we choose your video, we’ll not only pay you for it, you’ll also be automatically entered to win this month’s prize, an XBOX 360 Kinect Bundle.

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DISCLAIMER: Cheezburger encourages you to be safe at all times and to obey all laws, rules, regulations and policies in participating in the contest. Details and qualifications for participation in this promotion may apply. No purchase or payment is necessary to enter or win. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Void where prohibited. See Official Rules for details.

Click here to see the full list of official rules


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