A Message From Cheezburger: We Can Has Ad Blocker Turned Off?

Hi loyal Cheez fans,

We know many of you don’t like ads with your Cheezburger. But those ads pay for our servers and the salaries of our staff. (And cat food!) We’ve put a ton of effort into making Cheezburger and KnowYourMeme faster to load. We do our best to eliminate bad ads, like those that start audio automatically.

But the stark truth is that advertising is our life blood.

Our mission at Cheezburger is to “Give the World 5 minutes of happiness a day”. If you’re reading this, we bet you agree that we’re pretty good at delivering on that mission. We don’t want to charge you to visit Cheezburger, because well, where would the happiness be in that? But if our ads are blocked, we can’t afford to put out the product.

Please disable your Ad Blocker for Cheezburger and KnowYourMeme or add us to your whitelist.


Many thanks,

The friendly folk of Cheezburger and KYM

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Cheezburger is on PopKey!

Greetings Burgers,

For all of you texters who refuse to use the actual keys on your keyboard, we’ve got news for you!


Cheezburger has recently partnered with PopKey! What’s PopKey? Only the world’s first and fastest growing iOS 8 GIF messaging keyboard on the planet.

How does it work? EASY! Simply choose the GIF vibe (happy, excited, WTF, facepalm, etc.), pick the most fitting, and take your text game to the next level.


We are currently a featured category on the PopKey home page and you can select all the funniez from the keyboard of your very own phone!




Head here to get the PopKey app and start sending all the LOLs.


Emojis are so last year…


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Cheezburger Gummy Bear Taste Test Challenge 2K15!


We love a good challenge here at Cheezburger HQ. Whether it’s how fast someone can eat five Cadbury Creme Eggs or who can eat a banana in under 20 seconds, if it can be turned into a challenge it will definitely happen!

Today, the Cheez crew decided to guess the flavor, brand and color from five different gummy samples.


As you can see, everyone took the competition VERY seriously. Just look at the concentration on Chad’s face.

The three brands we were guessing from were Haribo, Black Forest and some generic, horrible household cleaner-tasting brand.


Here’s a depiction of what the garbage brand tasted like:


Bret was pretty excited. You could feel his dad joke powers growing with each gummy bear he consumed.


After turning in our answers, the champion received her honor by getting 11 correct.

And our winner was…


She didn’t want her picture taken. So here is a happy gummy bear sitting at her desk.


What is your favorite brand or flavor of gummy? Let us know below—cheers!



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Shake Your Fin…It’s Shark Week!

Happy Shark Week, Burgers! 


Every year, people around the world tune in and log on to celebrate one of the most majestic creatures in the Deep Blue—the shark!

We love ALL animals here at Cheezburger, and we hate that sharks get a bad rap. Like, how can you not love these cute faces?!



According to National Geographic, you have a 1 in 63 chance of dying from the flu, while only a 1 in 3,700,000 chance of dying from a shark attack.


See they’re our friends!

If you want to keep the shark celebration going, head on over to Cheezburger and check out Harmless Sharks to Calm Your Shark Week Nightmares.


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Who Do You Think Should Have Won World’s Ugliest Dog?

The annual Ugliest Dog Competition was held this weekend in Petaluma, California, as part of the Sonoma-Marin Fair. It always seems that a majority of hairless dogs have the top seeds, however, this year’s winner was truly one of a kind.

Our office has enjoyed sharing our favorite “ugly” dogs from across the Internet. Ones that we believe deserved a shot at the title. So, I thought it would be interesting for you to share your top pick for this year’s ugliest dog in the comments below.

Here’s a list of this of some of this year’s candidates.

blue nails dem feet hairless trend hairy lookin runner up runnnnn


The winner was a 10-year old mutt named Quasi Modo. Taking home $1.500, this pit bull-dutch shepherd mix was born with a spinal defect and a giant heart. You go girl! winner


*Remember, it’s not on the outside, but inside that counts.



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Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day! We Need Your Submissions!

Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day and we want your submissions!

All day long we will be collecting images from Facebook and Twitter to compile one ultimate list of dogs in the workplace. Your pup can either be hard at work or just chillin, it really doesn’t matter.

Give your favorite coworker the credit they deserve.



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Can We GIF You To Smile?


Each week I collect the Greatest GIFs of the Week from a collection of submissions from the Cheezburger community. The most popular GIFs from the site and Cheezburger App receive the top bids, however, I always end up selecting a few of my personal favorites. ;)

What are some of your favorite GIFs from the week? Share them in the comments below!

Here’s a sneak peek of a couple of my faves this week.




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Featured Fur Monsters: Nugget & Lacey, The Poodle Stars of ICHC

This week’s Featured Fur Monsters come from ICHC regular Lynne Lane (furrgetmenot). Read along as she tells the story of her two adorable fur babies—Nugget and Lacey. 



Lynne was always a cat person, but allergies forced her to live with her 6 beloved cats in constant pain.

“I was a cat person, and loved living with cats most of my life. I had six cats when my allergies grew to became so severe that a doctor told me that I could no longer have cats. I was totally devastated, and just could not stop crying; resolved to suffer living with them, rather than displacing them from the only home they had ever known.. until they went to the Rainbow Bridge from old age.”

After her cats passed, Lynn found comfort by becoming a part of the ICHC community where she met new friends and was able to enjoy cats again (even if it was from afar.) 

“Visiting the ICHC website every day has been my therapy, and has healed my heart by bringing me close to cats without having to live with them. I’ve met the most fantastic, warm-hearted, generous friends on here, too!”

This is where Nugget comes in. Lynne’s husband surprised her with a poodle pup, a new fur baby she could take care of allergy free! 

“I could not believe my eyes! I never expected to get a poodle, and didn’t recall if my husband knew I had wanted one my whole life long (never ever expecting to GET one)!”


Nugget was happy in his new home, but developed separation anxiety and other problems. He needed a friend! 

Lynn and her husband adopted Lacey, Nugget’s sister, and together both of them LOVE playing with their dozens of toys. Watch their “Toy-nado” below! 

Now, Nugget and Lacey are big parts of the ICHC community. Check out “Nugget’s Word of the Day” here



The pups most recent project is Kamp PuppyKakes, a place where pups can “take weird and silly selfies or show off the goofy stuff that goggies do!” 



Be sure to check out the two sites above, and say hi to Lynn, Nugget and Lacey when you see them around on ICHC! 



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Cheezburger Commenting Gets A Power-Up

Hi, Burgers!

Are you ready for some welcome changes to the Cheezburger commenting platform?


No, you aren’t having déjà vu. Many of you may remember in April when we announced that our old commenting platform was being dissolved.  We have since implemented a new, improved system that has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the community.

BUT there is always room for improvement! In order to continue building a strong relationship with our loyal Cheezburger community, we will be rolling out several new and positive additions to commenting starting now.


Here’s what you can expect: 


1. Featured Comments

Cheezburger editors will now have the ability to feature interesting or useful community comments in a special space at the top of a comment thread. This will allow our most dedicated Burgers to rise to the top and increase the overall quality of comments.



The featured comment will also be indicated with this special tag in the original place on the thread.




2. Image/GIF Uploading  

Images and GIFs will now be fully functional on comment threads. So when something makes you rage you can be like:


Just make sure that your comments follows our Community Standards. Speaking of those, if you see a comment you think is inappropriate, flag it and a moderator will take a look at it.


3. Staff Tags

You will now be able to see when a Cheezburger staff member comments on a post or responds to a user comment. A special moniker next to their username will indicate they are on staff.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.19.29 PM

We are all super excited for the updates to roll out. If you have any questions or ideas for how we can continue to improve these features, let us know below! Until then—happy commenting!



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#InThe90sIThought Is Trending and We’re Nostalgic

Today on Twitter the hashtag  was trending all day long and the nostalgia has been entirely too real for one 90s kid to handle.

Let’s be honest, times were much simpler in the 90s. There was no FOMO caused by social media anxiety and your Beanie Baby collection was all you needed to check up on when you got home.

We want to hear what was going through your brain in the 90s. In the comments below, use  and join us in our nostalgic adventure back to the days when Blockbuster thrived and your Tamagotchi was the only one that needed you.

Here is a collection of our favorite tweets from the day for some guidance.


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