A Message From Cheezburger: We Can Has Ad Blocker Turned Off?

Hi loyal Cheez fans,

We know many of you don’t like ads with your Cheezburger. But those ads pay for our servers and the salaries of our staff. (And cat food!) We’ve put a ton of effort into making Cheezburger and KnowYourMeme faster to load. We do our best to eliminate bad ads, like those that start audio automatically.

But the stark truth is that advertising is our life blood.

Our mission at Cheezburger is to “Give the World 5 minutes of happiness a day”. If you’re reading this, we bet you agree that we’re pretty good at delivering on that mission. We don’t want to charge you to visit Cheezburger, because well, where would the happiness be in that? But if our ads are blocked, we can’t afford to put out the product.

Please disable your Ad Blocker for Cheezburger and KnowYourMeme or add us to your whitelist.


Many thanks,

The friendly folk of Cheezburger and KYM

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A Comment on our Comments

Greeting Burgonians!

Some of you have already noticed that our commenting platform has gone through a bit of a restructure today, good eye! If you didn’t , don’t fret here’s the scoop.

After finding out that our old commenting platform was about to be dissolved, we picked a new commenting platform to be integrated, and to archive our old system’s comments as well. Our launch of the new system (and removal of the old system) today is done but we’re working out a few bugs. Thanks for your patience as we resolve a few things. To those of you that noticed any hiccups in our switch, we apologize. We appreciate your support as we discover and begin to work out the minor kinks within this new system.

The best news is though that the new system will allow us to give you all new features (and soon), so just stay tuned to this blog for those announcements.

If you have any questions about how to post or what you can post to the comment threads now, please check out the link below and feel free to contact us if anything comes up.


Thanks again,



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Who Needs Mood Rings When There is the Kitten Moodinator?

In honor of World Cat Day (August 8), we’re excited to share the latest, greatest, cat-astic leap forward for humanity since clumping litter!

The Kitten Moodinator has hit the (virtual) shelf.

After asking you to answer a single question, this free Facebook app (created by our good friends at Portent, Inc) predicts your mood then provides a photo of a kitten in THAT SAME MOOD. You can then post this photo to your Facebook feed and share with friends and frenemies alike.

Check it out here and have fun moodinating! Try moodinating your cat and see what type of mood he/she is in. We’re guessing you’ll get a lot of I’m feeling hungry, needy or evil.

Also Portent is working some of the kinks out on the mobile experience, so if the app won’t load in Facebook, you can visit http://portent.co/kittensays via your mobile web browser instead!


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Geek Universe is Here!

Geek fans rejoice! All of our geeky sites have moved out of Memebase and into Geek Universe! Superheroes, My Little Brony, and Pokémemes have joined four new sites as part of Geek Universe: Doctor Who, Cartoons & Anime, Video Game Coverage, and Geek Life.

Doctor Who will cover all things Whovian, from show news to fan art, and everything in between.

Cartoons & Anime will feature all things animated. Mathematical! Now there’s a fire in my belly.

Video game memes will still live on Memebase, but for news, trailers, and gamer geekery, check out Video Game Coverage.

Geek Life is dedicated to all things cosplay, plus convention coverage, fun geeky products, fandom foods, DIY projects, and everything else related to the geek lifestyle.


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Watermarks Removed From Captioning Builders

Starting today, all new submitted pictures for captioning in our builder will no longer have our Cheezburger watermark on the bottom. Removing the watermark puts the focus on the images and the humor that you create.

Here is what the new captioned images will look like once completed in our builder:

funny cat pictures

If you have any questions, please email us at contactus@cheezburger.com.


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