CheezWerkers at the Park

CheezHQ is based in Seattle, although we have CheezWorkers working around the world.  That’s right, we’re world-wide, global…international, baby!

That being said, for those of us who live and work in Seattle, this has been an absolutely awful spring and summer.  I’d say that the average temperature since May has been 60 degrees.  Yet, summer has arrived! So, yesterday, the Seattle crew headed out or lunch in the sun at the beautiful Olympic Sculpture Park (which is about 3 blocks from the office).

Cheezworkers Lunching and Munching (Credit: Eugene Hsu)

Cheezworkers Lunching and Munching (Photo Credit: Eugene Hsu)

Chief Cheezwerker Ben Huh (Credit: Eugene Hsu)

View of Puget Sound from the Olympic Sculpture Park (Photo Credit: Eugene Hsu)

Chief Cheezwerker Ben Huh (Credit: Eugene Hsu)

Chief Cheezwerker Ben Huh (Photo Credit: Eugene Hsu)


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Behind the Scenes at Cheezburger: LOLMart Shirts

[viddler id=2954b5d8&w=437&h=288]


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Find out who favorited your LOL

A few weeks ago, a new feature snuck onto our site that most people don’t know about…you can now see who likes your LOLs!

To find out who favorited your LOL, take a look at the “view page” for your LOL on*  For example, here’s the view page for a FAIL:

If anybody has favorited your picture, then beneath the LOL image you’ll see a section that says, “Who likes this?”  For example, you can see in the screenshot below that a total of 5 people have favorited this LOL.

* Sometimes a LOL will have a page on and on a specific site, like or  Currently, this feature is only on the page.  You can always find this page by logging into your account and looking a the My LOLs page.  (Don’t have a Cheezburger account? Go get one…they’re free!)


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Work at Cheezburger: We’re Hiring!

Do you like the Cheezburger sites?  Would it make you happy to know that your work makes millions of other people happy every single gosh darned day?!

If so, we may have just the opportunity for you: we’re looking for a few good men and women to help us wrangle the Interwebs and facilitate joy and happiness:

  • Someone experienced in designing web sites to help create the future Cheezburger
  • One or more people that are super awesome designers to create t-shirts for LOLmart Shirts
  • A developer who loves getting their hands dirty in the code
  • And we’re nothing without super web savvy content moderators

You get more info and apply for these job openings over at  And, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work at Cheezburger, here’s a behind the scenes video…enjoy!



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Job Opening: LOLmart Shirts Designer

Want your designs to be seen across the Cheezburger Network? has the opportunity for you!

  • Do you love the interwebz?
  • Do you love the Cheezburger Network?
  • Do you know your memes?
  • Have you seen our LOLMart Shirt of the Day site?
  • Do you think that you can do better?

The Cheezburger Network wants to hire some great artists to do shirt designs, and as an added benefit you will be able to get your work shown to our millions of fans in our network.

Currently, we’re looking for part-time, contract designers in the US and Canada.

How to apply: Easy!  Visit and submit your information.

If your favorite color is blue, you may or may not be given preferential treatment.


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LOLPress: Cheezburger Captioning Integration for WordPress Blogs

If you run your own WordPress blog, and you’re fan of Cheezburger, we have just what you’re looking for: LOLPress.

Created by John Hawkins over at, LOLPress is a plug-in for WordPress that will allow images contained within posts to be submitted for captioning to the Cheezburger Network through a tooltip popup.  In addition, there’s a link in the tooltip popup that allows users to see all the captioned versions of that image.

You can download the plugin here and see a demo here.

Thanks to John and his team for contributing this to both the Cheezburger and WordPress community!


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New Products from Cheezburger’s LOLMart

As many of you know, we have a little store for Cheezburger delectables called LOLMart.  We’re proud mama’s and papa’s this week because we’ve made some exciting additions the store.

Anybody who knows anything knows that LOLs are fun and bring the laughs, but now they can also help make difficult decisions, too!

That’s right…we’ve introduced our version of the old time classic Magic 8-Ball: the Magic Cheezburger.  Next time you find yourself in a jam, a pickle, a dilemma…just ask the Cheezburger because it has all the answers you’ll ever need!

We also have a few t-shirts in the store, but many Cheezfrenz have been asking for more.  So, we’ve introduced an entirely new t-shirt store called LOLMart Shirts that will be filled with designs inspired by Cheezburger and the Interwebs.

LOLMart Shirts is a shirt-of-the-day-style store.  In other words, each shirt will be available for a limited time only, typically just one day, but sometimes more. Check back every day to see if there is something you like, and if there is be sure to order because it won’t be there long.


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New Lol Builder Feature: Googly Eyes!

They’re finally here: Googly Eyes!  Now you can have a handful of silly with your LOL!

Here’s how: go the Lol Builder, upload or select an image, and then select the “Advanced Builder” tab, and you can now add googly eyes to your LOLs!

In addition to adding the eyes to a LOL you can:

  • adjust opened/closed-ness of the eye lids
  • the color of the eyes,
  • the location of the iris,
  • add bloodshot veins or
  • add eyelashes

Kyall, the developer who added the googly eyes to the Lol Builder offers these tips:

  • “My best suggestion is to just throw in any picture decent of Nick Nolte or Gary Busey and it should be pretty funny.”
  • “Or, actually, Amy Winehouse, since you could use ALL the options.”
  • “Yo Scott, imma letchu finish, but Comix Builder was the best builder ever.”

So, with no further adieu, click here to start using the Lol Builder.  And, here are a few LOLs that we made at the Cheezburger Factory for fun:

Happy Cat with Googly Eyes



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Behind the Scenes at FAILBlog and Cheezburger

Ben, the Chief Cheezburger, made a little “behind the scenes” video.  Bonus: Included are previews of some yet to be launched sites!  Enjoy!



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Successful Maintenance

Saturday night’s scheduled outage for database upgrade maintenance appears to have gone flawlessly (knock on wood!).

If you observe any problems with the site, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  You can contact us by clicking here.


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