Anonymous Profile Feed “Experiment” is Over

Many thanks to all of you who noticed that the names of all of your friends had disappeared from your profile page and let us know that feed of friend activity that obscures names isn’t very useful. We agree completely and have fixed the problem. Thanks!


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I Can Has Mention on Iconic Quiz Show?

A whole bunch of people sent this clip in to us. When I first saw it, I wondered why they replaced Trebek with some old guy who doesn’t even have a mustache. I guess that’s a fail on my part.


There have been some questions about why the Trebek would choose to use a fake Russian accent when saying the name of the category. I have two theories about this:

1. Russian, along with many other Slavic languages doesn’t have any definite or indefinite articles, so many Russian speakers who go on to learn English have trouble with them. It’s easy to imagine a movie where the Soviet double agent says to the spy in a thick accent, “Get in car. I take you to embassy”. Missing articles have become a sort of linguistic shorthand for “I’m from Eastern Europe”. As the phrase “I can has cheezburger?” is missing an indefinite article, Alex Trebek misinterpreted the LOLspeak for a vague inference to a native Russian speaker struggling with English grammar.

2. The picture used in the original I Can Has Cheezburger lol was from an ad for a Russian brand of cat food. Alex Trebek must know this because he’s such a huge fan of the site and he used the accent to give an oblique shout-out to his fellow hardcore fans who also know the history behind the original image.

The second theory is obviously more likely. Way to go Alex! Almost makes up for losing the ‘stache.


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Lolcats in the News (paper)

When I first met Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh a little more than a year ago, I was reminded of the early days of MTV and ESPN, when people thought that dedicated channels for just music and sports were preposterous. Nobody could be successful showing just music or sports all day. The idea of a company built around a network of humor sites, headlined by lolcats and people hurting themselves might seem just preposterous at first, but it actually works.

After really getting to know the sites and actually meeting a bunch of fans, I realized that a better old-media metaphor is the newspaper funny pages. It’s funny, social (“Did you see yesterday’s Dilbert?”), short-form, new at least every day, and you can enjoy it from your office (except when killjoy employers block FAIL Blog videos, I wonder if they also cut Garfield out of the newspapers in the lunchroom).

A new example: Seattle’s online-only newspaper, the Post Intelligencer has started running lolcats from in the comics section of the site. Nice!

I’m personally hoping that some newspaper, print or online, will include Pundit Kitchen content as part of their opinion section. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better political cartoon than this one.


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Update on Voting Problems: Fixed!

Good news!

The bug with advanced/poster/breaking news builder lols not showing up in voting has been found and thoroughly killed.  

Also, all of the lols that were created over the last few weeks have just been added to the voting pool, so if you want to help us chew through the thousands of funny pictures that need your vote, please vote early and vote often.

Here are some links to get you started:

Vote I Can Has Cheezburger

Vote I Has a Hot Dog

Vote Pundit Kitchen

Vote ROFLrazzi

Thanks for your patience, and please contact us if you ever run into trouble,

-Your friendly neighborhood Cheezburger development team.


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There I Fixed It in LA Weekly

Everyone loves a good origin story, and the story behind the new Cheezburger Network site There I Fixed It, as recently covered in LA Weekly is as good as any. From Cheezburger moderator Donna Dickens:

Living near rural Kentucky, I see a lot of hilarious yet unsafe fixes all the time.

Read the entire interview with Donna and Kiki, and please send pictures of your unsafe-yet-awesome kludges to


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Tools for Developers – Now with FAIL Support

Just a friendly reminder for all of the awesome coders who hang out here, the Cheezburger Network Tools for Developers (a.k.a. the Cheezburger API) documentation has instructions on how to interface with the Cheezburger Network. You can drop captions on any picture, view and manage your collection of favorites, submit content to your cheezburger account and other cool things.

We have recently added support for FAIL Blog content. You can now get random fails as well as send your fails directly to FAIL Blog. If your fail is is epic enough, it can wind up on the front page.

There are some cool apps out there using our API, including our own I Can Has Cheezburger iPhone app,  lolcatmaker for iPhone, and an app for Boxee.  Developers are currently working on apps for Android, BlackBerry, and Palm Pre. If you’re developing an app that uses the API and would like to be featured here, please let us know.


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Fixes for iGoogle Gadget and Fail Uploader

iGoogle Gadget. You can has back/forward buttons

The back/forward buttons in the I Can Has Cheezburger iGoogle Gadget were missing for a while. We tracked them down and nailed them into place so they won’t run away again.

Fail Uploader. Now with less FAIL.

There was a bug with the Fail Uploader where an error message was displayed at the end of the process after stamping FAIL on the picture. The problem has been fixed, and all of the submissions did come through to us correctly, so there’s no need to re-submit them for inclusion.

Thanks everyone for letting us know.


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Cheezburger Night with the Seattle Mariners

I was just checking to see if tickets for Cheezburger Night with the Seattle Mariners are still available (they are, get yours if you haven’t already) and I saw that we currently have 701 people attending.  701? OMG! That’s more than we had for the FailBlog party back in November and we gave away free beer at that one.

This should be a lot of fun.


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Pete Hoekstra Meme in the news

There’s an article on TechFlash about the new Pete Hoekstra meme site.

My favorite part of the article is this anonymous commment at the bottom:

State run media making fun of republicans again. Why dont they attack obamas hipocracy

Which reads, Hoekstra-style:

Internet humorists mock politician’s epic gaffe. It’s just like reading Pravda under Stalin.


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Webby Awards Red Carpet Interview



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