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Tofu (aka Emily) here. It’s Monday and that means I want to see what posts you think should have been front paged. Send in all of your hilarious and amazing submissions because I want to see them all.

On a side note, the two people that will be taking over the blog will be introducing themselves tomorrow, so look out for that. They are excited to keep up the blog and meet you all and join the Cheezburger blog community!

I ran across this awesome gif by mamawalker and just had to share. Send along your shoulda been FPed recommendations!





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Behind the Scenes of I Can Has Uber Kittens

Ben Huh, the CEO of Cheezburger, shares the behind the scenes story and the results of our recent I Can Has Uber Kittens event:

Noon, October 29th, National Cat Day:
The idea started out simple: “push button, receive kitten.” But now, it was almost out of control. On the laptop screen, we were staring at tiny little icons of eyeballs, covering the entire map of Manhattan. From Battery Park to Harlem, it was eyeballs to eyeballs, denoting the number and location of people who were opening the Uber app.

This stunt was the best real-world viral marketing project launched by Cheezburger. Our goal was to raise awareness and money for kitten adoption. But like all good ideas, the path to launch day was hardly smooth. This path involves scope creep, live baby animals, trans-continental coordination, overnight cupcake repair, and cold feet.

Let me share how we orchestrated this amazing day, 7 months in the making.


March 11th

The idea was hatched at SXSW when Emily, my wife and the Director of Biz Dev at Cheezburger brought the idea to the community manager of Uber Seattle. The initial idea was to have a handful of Uber cars with kittens who would accompany you on your ride (with a shelter representative, of course).

Emily pushed for the idea again in May and that’s when real discussions about the event started happening. If an idea stalls, sometimes you have to keep trying if you really believe in it.

July 9th

Uber Seattle was on board, with SF and NY expressing interest. Uber would provide the technology, cars, and would assist with organizing on the ground support in each of the three cities. Cheezburger would handle the rest — everything leading up to launch day, bringing on shelters, logistics for ensuring the cats were handled safely and humanely, coordinating press materials and strategy, and creating custom cupcakes for everyone. Yes. Cupcakes.

The only manpower available for this project on Cheezburger’s side were Emily and our publicist, Jackie. To be honest, if I had learned about this, I would have told you there was no way a 2-person team could pull all this off. Cheezburger’s team faced an incredible level of complexity, starting with the safety of the kittens, coordinating logistics and being the communication hub across all parties involved. It was months of a balancing act.


The shelters raised some concerns about having the kittens riding in the cars with riders. It was time for a quick pivot. Emily, Jackie and the Uber Seattle community manager brainstormed and found research indicating that watching cute cat videos boosts productivity.  The idea got a tweak that could bring the shelters on board. We would be delivering kittens to offices for a flat fee that would be donated to the participating shelters. That way the kittens could be safely transported in crates and play in an enclosed kitten pen in the office.

While the concept of kitten-to-office delivery still met the original goal of “push button, receive kitten”, Emily and Jackie felt that they had to sweeten the offer. So they added cupcakes to every delivery as a thank you for the donations. But these wouldn’t be just any ordinary cupcakes. Jackie was able to get Duff Goldman, star of Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes”, on board. Goldman along with his team at Charm City Cakes to design custom cupcakes with cheeseburger toppers.

End of August

The project scope had crept up to real-time baby animals and fresh food delivery in three cities simultaneously. K-Day was set for Tuesday, October 29th, National Cat Day.

Emily focused her energy on securing all participating shelters. It wasn’t as easy as asking and getting an answer, as shelters are non-profits run by a volunteer board of directors. By September 6th, all 3 cities had shelters lined up. We had additional interest from Uber’s DC, Boston, Chicago, and Phoenix offices, but given that this was our first year, the complexity of coordinating the event and a limited staff, we decided to keep it focused.  We chose Seattle because that’s where Cheezburger HQ is, San Francisco because Uber is headquartered there and because New York because well, it’s New York.



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Cheezburger and The Pet Collective Bring You Operation Aww

Hello You Wonderful Burgers,

We wanted to share some news with you all! Cheezburger and The Pet Collective are collaborating together to bring the Internet “Operation Aww”. Need more cuteness in your life? Then you my friend are in luck because Operation Aww is all about videos of adorable puppies and kittens!

Check out one of Operation Aww’s videos below. I dare you to not go aww when you watch this.



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Celebrate World Cat Day Today!

Today, August 8, is World Cat Day! Of course, we already celebrate our feline friends everyday, but we’ll give them some extra special love today.

Enjoy some of our favorite cats around the world. Happy World Cat Day!

Source: Frikbunny8

LoL by: Hellgait



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Who Needs Mood Rings When There is the Kitten Moodinator?

In honor of World Cat Day (August 8), we’re excited to share the latest, greatest, cat-astic leap forward for humanity since clumping litter!

The Kitten Moodinator has hit the (virtual) shelf.

After asking you to answer a single question, this free Facebook app (created by our good friends at Portent, Inc) predicts your mood then provides a photo of a kitten in THAT SAME MOOD. You can then post this photo to your Facebook feed and share with friends and frenemies alike.

Check it out here and have fun moodinating! Try moodinating your cat and see what type of mood he/she is in. We’re guessing you’ll get a lot of I’m feeling hungry, needy or evil.

Also Portent is working some of the kinks out on the mobile experience, so if the app won’t load in Facebook, you can visit http://portent.co/kittensays via your mobile web browser instead!


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The 25 Most Stylish Cats on the Internet

It’s no surprise that cats are one of the most stylish animals ever. They’ve got grace and finesse and are so chic. Ben, the CEO of Cheezburger, and Complex Magazine recently ranked the 25 most stylish cats on the Internet and have decided which cats are the supreme fashionistas. Here are three dapper cats that made the cut:

#19: Grumpy Cat
Ben says: “She’s a hater, and we love her for it, and everything she hates turns into gold.”

#15: Lil Bub
Ben says: “She’s a movie star now, thanks to tapping into her fountain of kitten youth, but keeps things cool and chill.”

#8: Business Cat
Ben says: “This cat is all business, but nothing ever gets done. Dilbert, you have new competition.”

See the rest of the stylish cats on the list at Complex. If you think a stylish cat deserves to be on this list, let us know your suggestion in the comments.


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Feedback on New Section Ideas for Cheezburger

Hi Burgers,

We’ve been brainstorming new sections/topics to add to our network of sites, and we’d love to hear your feedback on what trending or funny content you’d like to see. Cast your vote in the poll below of some possible ideas or add your own suggestion in the comments below.

Thank you for your feedback!




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Happy National Ice Cream Month!

It’s hard to not think about all things ice cream during these hot summer months which is probably why July is National Ice Cream Month. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day.

Some interesting facts about ice cream:

– Americans eat on average 20 quarts of ice cream a year.
– Vanilla is the most popular flavor.
– The ice cream cone was invented at the 1904 World Fair in St. Louis.

Here are some of our favorite ice cream images and gifs from around Cheezburger to celebrate this amazing food!



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Geek Universe is Here!

Geek fans rejoice! All of our geeky sites have moved out of Memebase and into Geek Universe! Superheroes, My Little Brony, and Pokémemes have joined four new sites as part of Geek Universe: Doctor Who, Cartoons & Anime, Video Game Coverage, and Geek Life.

Doctor Who will cover all things Whovian, from show news to fan art, and everything in between.

Cartoons & Anime will feature all things animated. Mathematical! Now there’s a fire in my belly.

Video game memes will still live on Memebase, but for news, trailers, and gamer geekery, check out Video Game Coverage.

Geek Life is dedicated to all things cosplay, plus convention coverage, fun geeky products, fandom foods, DIY projects, and everything else related to the geek lifestyle.


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Standing Up for The Fourth Amendment

This 4th of July, Cheezburger is standing up for the Fourth Amendment for the privacy of Internet users everywhere and against unconstitutional NSA spying. Will you join in our fight? Visit CallForFreedom.org for more information.


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