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Dear Burgers,

Our mission is to make the world happy every day, and we take that job very seriously.

For the last year, we have been testing, tweaking, and challenging our ideas about how to accomplish that mission. We have been listening to your feedback, reading your e-mails and studying your usage patterns.

The result is a new Cheezburger, redesigned from the ground up, based on you.

A cleaner, simpler site. Fewer distractions between you and the funny.
Cheezburger’s philosophy is to put your time and your content front and center. We reduced the noise and eliminated rarely-used links. We also removed a lot of the illustrations and buttons, which looked fun but ultimately forced you to scroll more.

In addition, we reduced the number of ads on the page and pushed them further outside so you are less distracted.

You’re busy. So the new Cheezburger is faster.
We’re opening up new data centers in Europe, Asia, and in more than 5 cities in America, so we’re never too far away.

This means a new Cheezburger that’s faster.

Just one click to any of our 60-plus sites.
The blue navigation bar now stays at the top and opens on hover, letting you go between sites and to our builders with just one click.

We added shortcuts to your profile pages in the navigation bar, and your Cheezburger Sites will be featured, so keep making and posting.

Plus, now you can, ahem, Search ALL the Cheezburgers! right from the navigation bar.

A commenting system everyone is already familiar with.
We have introduced a new comment system that cuts down on spam and trolls, while letting new users comment without waiting in moderation. You can use your Facebook account or (if you want to use a pseudonym) a Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL account.

Don’t Panic! The old comments will be moved over soon. They are not lost. They’re still being trucked through the Intertubes and will show up as archived comments.

Less waiting on your mobile browser.
Millions of you visit us on your phones, so we’ve made our mobile sites easier to read and faster-loading. We’ll continue to improve our mobile experience so that you can get your Cheezburger pronto.

We’ll keep improving and listening.
We’re committed to moving forward and improving the new Cheezburger. Change can be hard. Change can be annoying. It is difficult to make changes that satisfy each of the tens of millions of people on Cheezburger; we’re going to do our best.

We know that this is not the final product and there are still improvements to make. We’ll keep listening to all of you and work to fulfill the mission you gave us: to make the world happy every day.

You can try the new Cheezburger now. Pick one: I Can HasMemebase, or FAIL Blog.

Ben Huh
Founder and CEO

**Note: original post edited for brevity