Cheezburger wants to bring LOLs and memes to SXSW!

The polling booths are open and it’s time to stuff your ballot into the Intertubes. Vote now for Cheezburger’s panels for the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival! Click on each panel’s link to see a full description of the panel and sign in or register to cast your vote.

The Art of Making Fun of Yourself by Ben Huh, Cheezburger CEO
Can a sense of humor be strategic? In the age of hashtag fails and campaign flops, it’s crucial to use a dash of humor in your social recipe. How do you incorporate humor from the beginning of a process and not as an afterthought? By laughing at themselves, brands and agencies can diffuse conflict around campaigns in crisis, overcome messaging mess-ups, and put out fires with funny. It’s all about knowing when and how to deploy the humor bomb. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

Memes: The New Pop Culture Super Format by Todd Sawicki, Cheezburger CRO
Memes have already taken over your Facebook newsfeed and now they’re aiming their lasers at Pop Culture. From Lipton Iced Tea hiring Scumbag Steve as a spokesperson to the TV show Community writing jokes that specifically translate into animated GIFs, memes are taking a leap into the mainstream. Why are Internet users — and especially Millennials — choosing to communicate via memes and social content? What is the science and theory behind the social spread of memes? Will the subjects of Internet memes break through to become not only social media stars but TV, advertising and movie stars? LOL and learn as we peel back the memes. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.