One of the great things about having a Cheezburger profile is that it’s a place to keep track of all your favorite LOLs. See something that’s so funny it makes coffee shoot out your nose? With a profile, you can add that LOL to your favorites and re-live the hilarity again and again.

We’ve noticed that many of our Cheezfriends have amassed amazing collections of the funniest LOLs from throughout the Network, sometimes with thousands of LOLs. To help you be able to better find the best LOLs again and to more easily share Favorites that your friends might enjoy, we are introducing Collections: a feature that allows you to organize your Favorites however you would like.

How do I make a Collection?

Let me give you an example. I love LOLs with cats and computers, as you might expect, given my overall nerdiness. I want to make a Collection that features my favorite geeky LOLcats.

Step 1: I go to My Favorites tab.

Favorites Tab in Profile

Step 2: I make a new Collection…I’ll call it LOLcat Tech Support.

Creating a new collection

Step 3: I select the LOLs already in My Favorites I want to put in the new Collection.
Step 4: I move the selected LOLs using the pull-down menu on the right.

Selecting and moving LOLs into a new collection

Step 5: I go admire my handiwork by clicking on the Collection name in the navigation bar below the Favorites tab.

Navigating to the new collection

And that’s it! I can easily go look at my favorite tech support kittehs anytime I want and I can send all my geeky friends to go check out the LOLs too. Awkward high fives all around!

So try it out and let us know what you think. Your feedback will be tremendously helpful as we work to improve this feature over time!