“Okay class, everyone quiet down and listen up. Turn off your beepers and your pagers. Put away your Gameboy Colors and your Sega Nomads—it’s learning time. Welcome to Internet 101. I’ll be your professor… and yes, I’m a duck.

The internet is a series of tubes. FACT. Just last week my cousin sent me an internet complaining about how he had gotten fired from being an insurance duck salesman, and he got fired because of something he said in an internet. So the first lesson, obviously, is that the internet is permanent. If you put something in a Geocity, that Geocities page is going to be there forever, because Geocities is always going to be a website.”

Okay, you guys, so don’t listen to anything Technologically Impaired Duck says about the internet. He might be slightly ill-informed. But do collect all of the new collectibles in his brand new collectible set, Technologically Impaired Duck’s Internet 101! Keep visiting Memebase.com everyday for more chances to earn these collectibles, and don’t forget to trade your extras with your friends.

That’s done by mailing your computer to your friend while the collectible is on the screen, right?