Hey there Burgers!

Now that we have moved over to our new platform, we are hard at work adding new features, improving site performance, addressing some of the feedback you have suggested, and making your experience at Cheezburger more fun and easy to use.

We have just added two new features to Cheezburger that we’re excited to have you all use.

You can now see the comments you’ve made and any responses that those comments have received all on your Cheezburger profile. Visit your profile page and you’ll see “My Comments” under the My Stuff tab. You can also see these comments from the drop down menu that appears when you hover over your username. Here’s where you can find the new My Comments feature on the drop down menu:

Our See All Captions page has some new additions to make it easier for you Cheezburgers to caption and share your content (see image below). When hovering over a picture, there will be a “See All Captions” feature. Click that and you’ll see what other captions people have made with your favorite picture.

Stay tuned for more information about Cheezburger’s newest features!