Peanut butter and jelly. Poptart cats and rainbows. Memes and advertising.

A recent article focuses on the growing trend of brands like Nike, Nokia, Lipton, Vitamin Warer and others using Internet memes as part of their advertising. Why?

“Memes are a tremendous asset for brands because, like celebrities, they have an audience that recognizes and appreciates them.”

The familiar banners that have been vehicles for brand messaging in years past are now just one piece of the online advertising puzzle. It’s not always enough to just see a picture or animation of a product you might be interested in: consumers are also looking to connect with a brand by directly engaging them and creating and remixing their content.

The key will be staying true to your brand voice and your consumers and not trying to take it too far.
HuffPo: Banners Are Here to Stay

Cheezburger’s popular meme and humor platform is a proven method for promoting brands via native advertising. Because our users visit daily to create and remix memes and share their sense of humor with others, Cheezburger is a perfect place for them to also creatively engage with a brand’s identity.

Brands like Toyota Yaris and Kraft come to us for our experience with memes:

Sometimes our campaigns win awards:

Simply put: our knowledge of memes and our clever, funny audience (the most engaged of any humor publisher) make us the best place to promote your brand.

“You as the person who created something are not the most valuable person on the chain,” says Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger. … “The MVPs are the people who change it, appropriate it, and turn it into something greater.”