In honor of World Cat Day (August 8), we’re excited to share the latest, greatest, cat-astic leap forward for humanity since clumping litter!

The Kitten Moodinator has hit the (virtual) shelf.

After asking you to answer a single question, this free Facebook app (created by our good friends at Portent, Inc) predicts your mood then provides a photo of a kitten in THAT SAME MOOD. You can then post this photo to your Facebook feed and share with friends and frenemies alike.

Check it out here and have fun moodinating! Try moodinating your cat and see what type of mood he/she is in. We’re guessing you’ll get a lot of I’m feeling hungry, needy or evil.

Also Portent is working some of the kinks out on the mobile experience, so if the app won’t load in Facebook, you can visit via your mobile web browser instead!