Hi Burgers!

We’re happy to announce that we’re bringing a new “Reposted By” feature to the new Cheezburger!

“Reposted By” will bring more functionality to the previous “Favorited By” feature which, according to your feedback, has been greatly missed! In addition to keeping track of who has favorited your post, this will also keep track of who added your post to their Cheezburger Site.

This feature now lets you see more love from your fans—by seeing who’s reposting you and to where. To access this feature from the front page, just click on the post’s title to view the single post page. You’ll see the avatars of everyone who has reposted your content below the post. Clicking through to the single post page from content on your profile (dashboard, favorites, etc.) will also show you who has reposted.

There is plenty more feedback that we are still reading, and we want to keep you in the loop as we continue to implement new features and make adjustments to the new Cheezburger.

As always, if you have any new suggestions or would like to vote and/or comment on an existing idea please let us know here.


Emily, Will and Heather (Tofu, dollydally81 and poppylady)
Cheezburger Community Team