Cheerio Burgers,

We have launched the new photo credit feature and we are naming it the katkabob in honor of her feedback and support for this feature. The katkabob photo credit feature will display the name of the owner of an image you upload to Cheezburger (permission required). The name must be entered by you in the “Picture by” field prior to clicking the upload button.


The photo credit will appear directly after the “LOL by” or “Submitted by” attribution directly under the post on the front page, the single post page, and at the top of the “See all captions” page.

Here’s how it looks on one of katkabob’s posts:


Now look at my post that I recaptioned using the same image:


Both katkabob’s post and my post contain the photo credit, dorothyfrancesgoldstein. When you click on the “See All Captions” button the photo credit will also appear at the top of the page! Check it out here!

Many thanks to katkabob for her input to this important feature!


Will (dollydally81)