Cheerio Burgers,

Did you know that cats love to sing karaoke? Well it’s true, and our friends at Jeltas Games have developed an app for it. They are working hard to fund this project on Kickstarter, which will help them launch the app for your iPhone and iPad that lets you create uproarious karaoke singing cat photos!

So how will this app work? Shashi, Anthony and Tom, the three buddies who started Jeltas Games, explain it best:

Aside from our backend, which consists of the usual magic pixie dust and tiny gnomes turning giant gears inside a cave far below the land of Mordor, the game is simple:

1. Start the app and pick a free kitty or use our advanced algorithm-fueled super kitty animator tool to create your own.
2. Pick a song and start singing. The cat will automatically match the music and record your voice while the song streams to your device.
3. Invite friends to sing different parts of the song or sing their own versions.
4. Get a score that tells you and your friends how accurate your singing is and receive catnip that can be redeemed for cool stuff: like bling, voice alterations, and super-secret songs.

Check out Business Cat singing karaoke to Robert Schwartzman’s I Know Why!

The Kickstarter funding for this project ends on Monday, August 27. For more information about this app, check out their funding page and let’s help launch our next favorite app!