We’ve gotten an overwhelming response to our new Cheezburger Collectibles that we launched a couple of weeks ago, we decided to celebrate by giving everyone who is a member of the Cheezburger Network free money.

Note from Scott (Randy’s Boss) Randy, you can’t tell people that we’re giving away free money, that will give people the wrong idea.

Um, ok, what we’re really doing is giving away 20 free Cheezburger Coins to every member of the Cheezburger Network. Cheezburger Coins can be spent on purchasing Collectibles that you don’t already have. If you already have all the Collectibles in the set (persistent, aren’t you?), you can buy a Collectible for one of your friends.

You can find your free Cheezburger Coins in your balance page in your account. You can’t buy all the Collectibles for 20 coins, but you can pick up some of our finer Toyz for your collection.

Not a Cheezburger Member?

For a limited time, we’ll also give Cheezburger Coins to anyone who creates a Cheezburger.com account. Set up an account here.