For one week only, we’re putting all of our other Collectibles on hold to celebrate Thanksgiving (here in the US) with a very special Collectible Set of Thanksgiving Noms.

thanksgiving noms.jpg

Same rules apply as always – each day that you visit two pages of any of our sites in the I Can Has Cheezburger family, you’ll receive another new Collectible. We’ll be running the set from November 22, 2010 until midnight November 29th, so make sure to visit every day to increase your chances of collecting them all. On November 29th, the Thanksgiving set will retire.

Your other Collectibles won’t be going anywhere, we just won’t be giving any of them out during our special event. You’ll still be able to purchase or gift all of our non-retired sets and after our special event, we’ll go back to giving those out (although, we’ll likely be adding new ones as well).

happy fangsgivings

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Cheezburger Network!