Next week, we’ll be introducing some new Collectibles to and (which we’ll preview later this week). To make room for our new Collectibles, our Dr Tiny Cat’s Trauma Center set will be retiring.


After this Sunday, November 21st, 2010, we won’t be giving out Collectibles from the Dr. Tiny Cat’s Trauma Center and they will no longer be available for purchase. Don’t worry, if you already have some of the Collectibles, they won’t go away. Also, if you have any extras, this might be a good time to see which friends need them.

Dr. Tiny Cat's Trauma Center Retiring Soon

While we’re sad to see the our Dr. Tiny Cat Trauma Center set sail off into the sunset, we’re excited for our special new set to be introduced next week. If you need any of the Dr. Tiny Cat Collectibles, make sure you get them before this Sunday!