Nap Time!

YAWN… What were we talking about? Oh, we weren’t talking yet? Well, we should probably start talking then, right? That’s kind of what blogs are for, aren’t they? What time is it again?

That’s right… IT’S NAP TIME! We’re super sleepy–er, EXCITED!–to introduce this new, heavy-eyelidded collectible set. After the big meals of the holidays and the late parties to ring in the new year, we’re ready for a little R&R, aren’t you?


Included in this special set are all the best napping places, as voted by your fave kittehs. That’s right, it’s the laundry basket where your kitteh gets hair all over your freshly cleaned clothes! And what’s this? It’s the laptop computer with the woozily warm keyboard that your kitteh just can’t resist! Also included is the hooman bed that your kitteh’s not supposed to be in, but always manages to sneak into! And lastly the kitteh bed, the bed you purchased specifically for your kitteh to nap in, which also happens to be the least likely place to find your kitteh napping.

Visit your favorite ICHC sites every day so that you can collect them all! Trade with your friends to complete the set! Get all of your napping in now, because for the next ICHC set (HINT HINT) you’re not gonna wanna fall asleep on the job!