Hi Burgers!

Since we launched the new Cheezburger, we have provided everyone with the opportunity to opt-in and try it out. This has given us some really great feedback, but we want more!

On Tuesday, June 26, some of you will automatically land on the new Cheezburger site. This means that instead of clicking to opt-in, some of you will be redirected to the new Cheezburger. You will still have the option to opt-out, but we do hope you’ll tell us why. We are doing this so we can get even more people over to check out the new Cheezburger. This will give us the opportunity to hear more feedback about your experience!

We would love to hear what you think about this or answer any questions! Please feel free to post a comment here or email us directly at contactus@cheezburger.com.


Emily, Will and Heather (Tofu, dollydally81 and poppylady)
Cheezburger Community Team