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Change has always been constant here. Cheezburger began as a single site, evolved into a network of blogs, and is now a social platform where everyone can express humor through memes, sites, and friends.

To follow our mission to “make the world happy for five minutes a day,” it became clear that we would need to overhaul the Cheezburger technology platform. Since that realization 16 months ago, we’ve been building new technology from the ground up.

This transition started with the launch of Cheezburger Sites which gave you more control over how you express your sense of humor. Tens of thousands of you have created your own site on Cheezburger. It’s awesome.

The next phase is to move all the sites we operate to our new technology platform.

Leaving the Nest.

As regular visitors know, we have been “beta testing” this for several months: getting feedback and making the changes you’ve requested, such as comments, voting, recaptioning, etc. We can’t implement everyone’s request, but after four months, the surveys and data say it’s time for the new Cheezburger to fly.

Starting next week, Cheezburger will look different to some, (See: ICHC, FAIL Blog, Memebase, TDW) and will be served from our new technology platform. (If you’ve already been using the beta and have given us feedback, thank you.)

We’re Listening, and We’ll Keep Listening.

We firmly believe in making Cheezburger faster and easier to use, so that you can get your funny and share with your friends effortlessly. We know the road is long, and we’ll continue to listen.

Thank you for being with us on this amazing journey.


Ben Huh

Founder and CEO
Cheezburger, Inc.