Good news, everyone! Cheezburger is getting a makeover. When you visit Cheezburger on Monday, February 13th, you’ll notice that things are a little different. Here’s the scoop:

– Easier and more dynamic sharing! Our drop-down “Post to My Cheezburger” button (shown below) will give you the option of adding a meme, fail or LOL to your “Favorites” or to one of your Cheezburger Sites. We will also have better support for Facebook.
– There temporarily won’t be voting on the front page (vote pages will remain unchanged) as we work on creating a brand new and 20% awesomer voting system. For now, we encourage you to “Post It to Your Cheezburger,” which includes adding a LOL to your “Favorites” and/or one of your Cheezburger Sites, or share it with your friends on Facebook.